The Truth is Out There: The X-Files Revival Review

 I am embarrassed to admit just how long it took me to figure out what to write about this morning. I sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes thinking, I have nothing to talk about! And then it hit me. The X-Files just started up again! *face palm*

 If you've been reading this blog for ANY amount of time you'll know that I love The X-Files. I started watching it in the late winter of 2015, and was finished by September. (Most people call this time "spring," but since that doesn't exist in CNY I won't call it that.) This show about aliens and government conspiracy was my best friend and closest companion all summer. Over the summer I liked to joke that I didn't need a boyfriend because I was in a committed relationship with The X-Files. Funnily enough, half the reason my boyfriend and I started dating is because I told him to watch The X-Files, he did, and he loved it as much as I do. The rest is history.

 So Sunday night, on the fateful day this glorious show was set to return, I was ready. I didn't appreciate the fact that the football game ran over and into my allotted X-Files time, which is easily my worst nightmare... but the show was worth the wait. I had a friend who saw the premier episode at New York City Comic Con a few months back, who assured me that it was amazing, but I couldn't know that until I saw it for myself.

 I can sum up my feelings in four simple words: It felt the same. It felt like the good old X-Files we all know and love, but shinier and new. For that reason, it was almost better. It felt so current, so now, so rooted in current events. Watching the old episodes is like this lovely nostalgic little game, where you laugh at the bad graphics but keep coming back for the consistently interesting plot and sexual tension. This was a whole new ball game (please laugh at this pun) because while the plot and writing were still as great as ever, the graphics, lighting, camera work were all better. This is probably due to new technology, and a higher budget. Regardless, it was just incredible to see The X-Files get the treatment it deserves.

 Now for the details. If you don't want to know anything (none of this would be spoilers anyway but still) then don't read on.

 The fun stuff.
 1. I loved seeing Scully, Mulder and even Skinner deal with modern technology. It was adorable and hilarious, especially considering that the last time we saw them iPhones or iPads weren't really as everywhere as they are today.
 2. The intro is back! And I don't mean the intro from season 9, because that doesn't count. (Let's be real, season 9 doesn't count.) I'm talking about the original intro from season 1, with the bad stills where Scully and Mulder both have fluffy hair and pink cheeks. I'm talking about the intro with the dramatic zoom on a low quality image of a UFO. This is what makes The X-Files what it is. It's a little campy, a little silly, but 100% the love of my life, and I was so happy to see it return.
 3. Mulder's Dad jokes. Yeah, they're back. And I'm still crying about it.
 4. They're back in Mulder's tiny office, with a few updates. (But never fear, the poster remains.)

 The characters.
 Right from the get-go, it is obvious that something has happened between Mulder and Scully. We don't know what it is yet, but they're older, and they've definitely both changed. While I will admit that I miss their sexually charged banter a little bit, I'm glad for it, because it means that Chris Carter has stopped doing what he loved to do so much in the past seasons-- brush past huge moments and events like they never happened. They're acknowledging that Scully and Mulder are older and wiser adults who have been through things together and have been changed by it. (Case in point: THEY BROUGHT UP WILLIAM! IN DEPTH! WOW!) I'm interested to see them struggle with their pasts while they handle the events of the present. At the end of the day, though, our original OTP remains the same at their core. Scully is a skeptic, while Mulder is closer than he's ever been before.

 The plot.
 The conspiracy is back, guys. OH, the conspiracy! I love that this is a show about aliens but we see them so infrequently that when they finally do show one you are gripping your boyfriend's hand and shrieking with glee. (Or is that just me?) The (current) horror genre could learn so much from this show. You don't need constant gore and violence to be scary or thrilling. The X-Files has done it with bad lighting and laughable CGI for years. But I love that, in the end, this is a show about aliens that contests that aliens aren't the problem here. It's people. More specifically, it's the US government. I can't wait to see it unfold, especially if the *spoiler alert* cigarette smoking man is involved.

 In short, the revival is nostalgic. It gives credit where credit is due, makes the long-time viewers cry at the easter eggs, but wastes no time moving forward with big and important plot. It was beautiful and just as exciting as the original, but with new twists and progression that we've been waiting for. It seems that Chris Carter is finally getting his shit together and is going to tell us what he means for once. The revival uses technological advances and better budget to it's advantage, while maintaining the X-Files vibe, pace, and wit we all know and love. It's the best of both worlds, but most importantly, this doesn't feel like a one off. I think Chris Carter knew he had one shot at this, and he's aiming for more than just a single tiny miniseries. Judging from the enormity of these first two episodes, I think they want to return, in a big way.

 I, for one, can't wait.

The truth is out there.