What I've Been Watching #4

  So my recently watched movies have all had one thing in common. They’re all (in some way or other) about women on journeys. 

  The first is Wild. I kind of got this movie on a whim, and I didn’t really plan on loving it. But, boy did I. It made me want to hike across the desert and find myself. It also made me cry my eyes out. The use of music and other textural cinematography as a way of triggering memories was beautifully done. Reese Witherspoon’s performance was amazing, and definitely deserving of the Oscar nomination.

  Next up is Cake. Again with a stellar performance by a female actress. Jennifer Anniston absolutely crushed it in this movie. Her portrayal of chronic illness was real, raw, and absolutely believable. Her performance was likable even though her character really wasn’t. This movie was actually surprisingly funny, given the dark and stigmatized subject matter. It also portrayed an accurate and acute depiction of PTSD and trauma, which I really appreciated.

  And last but certainly not least, Ex Machina.  Okay so...this movie is about artificial intelligence. That's how they marketed it anyway, to get the predominantly male audience in the seats. But that's not what it's really about. I hesitate to even tell you what it was truly about, because it was such a lovely surprise. If you're like me, and need someone to tell you how to feel about the end of this movie, I'd highly recommend this article, which I stumbled upon after finishing the film. It's brilliantly written, and answered every one of my burning "But what? How? Why?" questions. 

  But if you have seen the movie, and for my own peace of mind, here's what I thought- it was about women. And how we as a culture put women in boxes, put women behind glass, make them prove themselves a thousand times over a thousand different ways, make them answer a million invasive questions, and force them to use whatever means necessary to escape. I found myself crying a lot at this film, and I consequently found myself wondering why I was crying over a robot. But then I realized...in the end the message was really about womanhood and femininity and this culture that traps us behind glass and wants us to thank them for it. It was just surprising to feel "YAS GIRL YAS" at the end of a movie about artificial intelligence. 

  And that’s all for this blog post! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.