Overdue...For Real This Time.

  This is the last hurrah. Tonight was our Overdue Cast & Crew party, and Sunday our co-director Monica leaves for school. Wednesday Andrew leaves for school. Thursday, Laura. So on a night such as this, you can bet I'm feeling pretty nostalgic. 

  What I’ve learned over the course of filming this web series about feeling "Overdue" for something more, (an undertaking of which I had no idea the enormity) is that this place doesn’t suck. This place doesn’t and the people especially don’t. I’m going to miss them all so much when they leave for their respective schools and places, but I’m just so glad I got the chance to know them all. I never thought I'd find a group of creative people with whom I want to spend my whole life making things. But I think I have. You can watch my video thanking them all individually here.

  I also learned that there are opportunities everywhere. They just may not present themselves to you in pretty little packages. You might have to work for them. You might have to carve them out of the stone yourself. You might have to find the stone on your own first, down some rocky, overgrown, dirt-ridden path. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. So if you’re feeling lost, look. Because you have the creativity and imagination and willpower to do ANYTHING. So find something to set your mind to, and do it.