Always Time To Do It Over...

  So…filming a web series. It seems like that's all I ever talk about anymore, but that's because it's all I ever do anymore. And with so many overlapping schedules and ever-dwindling time left in the summer, time has been the number one thing on my mind. How much we have, how much we don’t have, how much we can do with what we have left.

  I expressed these feelings to my friend Sam on Friday evening, before we began the massive undertaking of attempting to film an entire episode in one weekend. And he very astutely said, "There's always time to do it over, never time to do it right." Which was, essentially, exactly what I needed to hear. And he was completely right. There's always time to shoot and film the same scene over and over again. So if there's time for that, isn't there also time to get it done right the first time? It was a good thing to keep in mind over the course of a fifteen hour filming weekend. In the end, we got more done than I even dared to hope for. On Saturday alone, we filmed 90% of the third (and most daunting) episode of OVERDUE.

  Come Sunday, however, I was exhausted. After so much time off in the past two years, with only working at the library to keep me occupied, I never thought I'd be so grateful for a day off. Time to just sit around, take a bath, read and watch tv. But Sunday was that much needed break, and I loved it. It was especially satisfying because I knew we had done so much the day before, and I had therefore earned it. I ended up spending the entire day on the couch, watching The X-Files and editing the next few scripts. (I can't help it. I have to be a tiny bit productive every day.) I watched 10 episodes and prepared the scripts for the next few weeks. And even though that was literally all I did all day, I'm happy about it.

  Heading into yet another daunting filming weekend, I'm most certainly going to keep Sam's sage words of advice in mind. Just breathe and focus, Fran. There's always time to do it over, but never time to do it right.

  I realize this blog post has been more of a pep-talk to myself than anything else, but it's what I need right now. So I hope you don't mind.