A Message to My Fellow Creators


   If you're working some dead end job that doesn't make you feel anything, get out of there. If you're just there for the money, and not a single aspect of it gives you joy, that's not a good situation. I think every job you work should inspire you in some way. Even if it's not what you plan on doing for the rest of your life, even if you're only there because you need a job, if it inspires you in some way, then it's not a waste of your time. People like to think of life as this all-out rat race. Do this to get here, work this job to get there. It's always do thisthen that. But maybe life doesn't have to be that way. Maybe here can just be here. And maybe it'll inspire something that'll one day take you there, but I think if we look at everything in life as the next square on the board that'll take us to the next thing, that's not much of a life. 

  I started working at the library because I decided I wanted a job, and I thought I would like working in an environment full of books. And while I have struggled with it a lot, as I've struggled to find my identity outside of student-hood, I've decided recently that it was the best choice I could've made. Having a job made me feel secure, being around books made me feel safe and happy, and that lead to me having this idea for a web series, which has made me feel really excited and creatively fulfilled. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you can't see the long term in something that makes you happy in the day to day, don't worry about it. If it makes you happy, that means you're doing something right. And hopefully one day, it'll make sense. I know that sounds like soppy nonsense, but at the moment, I really believe it. I haven't had the easiest road, but I'm happy and excited right now, and I'm trying to decode how exactly this came to be.