"What Are You Doing This Weekend?"

  When people ask me this, I sometimes feel a little panicked. Because I know what they’re really asking. “Do you want to hang out this weekend?” And sometimes I just don’t. But I think that’s okay. To say no to hanging out with people, not because you’re sick, not because you’re tired, but because you just don’t want to. Because you’d rather hang out with you for a weekend. That’s what I did this weekend. 

  On Friday night, I watched The Imitation Game with my Dad, because we both love Benedict Cumberbatch. I didn’t have to work Saturday, so I woke up late, went to a bakery with my sister, and then did a major Mother’s Day Target run with her. I came home and watched Game of Thrones for the rest of the afternoon. I started re-reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, even though I read it when it came out last year. I lit my new Jasmine and Patchouli candle. I read the new Mindy Kaling cover of InStyle. I went for a "lilac walk" around the neighborhood with my mom. (It’s just what it sounds like: we walked around the neighborhood and every time we saw a lilac bush we stopped and breathed in the heavenly scent.) I watched Into The Woods by myself, and Snapchatted some of the funniest moments.

   On Sunday, I ran some errands. I went to the bookstore and perused the shelves for an hour, and didn't even buy anything. Then it started raining, so I watched Daredevil and Game of Thrones. I finished To All The Boys I've Loved Before. We celebrated Mother's Day quietly and without much fuss, because that's what my Mom wanted. I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls with my sister. I generally hung out by myself. And when it came time to feel guilty about putting off hanging out with friends, I chose not to. Because it’s okay to choose yourself. It’s okay to spend time with yourself, laughing at shows and writing and smelling scents you like. It’s okay to love yourself, and it’s okay to value yourself. It’s not selfish, it's self-preservation. And I highly recommend you try it out sometime.