This Blog Shall Be Neglected No More!

One thing you should know about me: my fatal flaw is that I always take on too much. It didn’t work when I was in high school and trying to: maintain a 95 average, write a novel, be the president of clubs, read a book a week, and watch 80 different tv shows per week. And, oddly enough, it still doesn't work now.

This past month, I was surprised when I couldn't manage to: write a novel, write regular web content, write a college essay, maintain this blog, and vlog daily. Who knew I can't actually do 500 things at once?! Huh. That was news to me!

But now that April and daily vlogging are both over, I’m back. I’ll be able to tell you about my weird little life again. And it’s gotten even weirder in this last month. So this is just my quick little way of saying— I’ll have some cool things coming your way in the near future. So keep an eye out for that. :) 

Happy Avengers Opening Weekend! 
I’ll be going to see it tomorrow with my friends and sister. I am neither emotionally nor mentally prepared for what I’m sure it’s going to do to me. 

Avengers Assemble!