What I've Been Watching #2

So it looks like this may become a semi-regular feature on my blog, because I’ve been watching a lot of great movies (and TV shows) lately!

Up first-- Big Hero 6. I know, I know, I’m very late to this bandwagon, but I didn’t see it in theaters, okay? I just got it from the library the other weekend, and oh my god. First of all, it made me cry a river of tears, which sometimes happens with Disney, but I was not expecting this much pain. It was very sweet, and the whole message of the film was really uplifting and wonderful. It also made me laugh, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m 19 and have a weird, ridiculous sense of humor, but I was cackling throughout. Baymax and his monotone humor just killed me. Also, I don’t know how to convey the importance of the line “Woman up!” Disney has the power to change future generations mindsets and opinions, and I’m really glad they’re finally doing something positive with it. In that vein, the diverse cast of characters was a really pleasant surprise, and again, a positive sign for Disney and the film industry in general. (Although I will not be satisfied until they make a Black Widow movie and we stop casting white actors in POC roles.)  

Next up is Whiplash. Ever since I heard all the hype surrounding this movie during awards season, I have been dying to see it. So when it finally came in for me at the library, I was pretty overjoyed. (I’m not exaggerating. As soon as I found out it was on hold for me, I practically sped to the library in my sweatpants and bedhead.) And it did not dissapoint. I commandeered the family room TV so I could be sure to have the surround sound this film obviously demanded, turned it up, and enjoyed myself. My brother even wandered in about half way through, and had a hard time leaving. Sure, the language might be considered rough for some, (certainly not for me) but I really loved this movie. It was harsh and unapologetic, real and heart-pounding. And refreshing, because I couldn’t possibly predict where it would go next. That’s not something you see very much in film these days. So obviously, I would highly recommend it. All critical notes aside, though, I just want to say that J.K. Simmons in this film is literally me. He’s so horrible and swears like a sailor and I feel like he’s my spirit animal.

The last movie on my list is St. Vincent. Obviously, since I was raised on Ghostbusters, I have an appreciation for Bill Murray’s style of comedy. Bill Murray is, whether he knows it or not, my comedic grandfather. And I really hope someone figures out this whole immortality thing soon, because I don’t even want to think about him dying. All that is my way of saying that I didn’t need a reason to watch this movie once I knew Bill Murray was in it. But it kind of went above and beyond all of my expectations. You wouldn’t think that a movie starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy would turn out to be a heartwarming, family-style tearjerker. But it was. It starts off the kind of gritty, funny film that the trailer advertises, but it soon becomes apparent that it’s about the characters, their lives and their intersecting stories. It’s about family; it’s about finding the best in the most unexpected of people; it’s about finding hope after years of hopelessness. It was hilarious, but I’m not going to lie, I also cried my eyes out. I felt like such a fool for weeping over a Bill Murray movie. 

The one TV show I have to tell you about is The X-Files. I know, this show is from the really cheesy part of the 90’s, but there’s something about it that is simply irresistible. It’s got the same spooky-corny quality as Supernatural, which must be one of the reasons why I love it. It’s compulsively watchable, which is probably why it was on for 9 seasons! (And is returning with more episodes very soon!) I’m only in season 2, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I breeze through all 9. But after the post- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia lull that happened in March, I’m glad to have a show that has 9 seasons. It’s comforting. I realize this sentiment is probably indicative of some sort of mental instability, but whatever. Moving on.  

Anyways, I'm sorry I haven't posted on this blog in a short while. I've been busy with Camp NaNoWriMo, and The X-Files has taken up more of my time than I'm ready to admit. But I'm going to try harder to be better in the future! :)

Happy Thursday,