Mindful Mondays #1 | Reflecting on the Weekend

I love Sundays. I also love waffles. And Spring Break. After spending my Saturday doing some serious spring cleaning- of both my room and my emotions- I was very excited to have brunch with one of my friends who is home from school. We decided to go to Stella's Diner, which I had never heard of but is apparently a local institution. I already had my order picked when I walked in- Belgian waffles with chocolate ice cream. It's my favorite meal, so to me there was no other choice. 

Although we waited about 45 minutes to be seated in the busy and bustling restaurant, it was totally and completely worth it. The ice cream was locally made and therefore delicious, the waffle was incredibly fluffy, and the whipped cream was made from real cream. The diner itself had that typical 1950’s diner feel, but the food went above and beyond all expectations. “Authentic” was the word my friend used to describe it, and I couldn’t agree more.

Afterward my pal and I hit up the mall, where I bought a very adventurous hat and tried on some overalls! When I came home I decided to spend the afternoon watching my favorite film: Pride & Prejudice. In short, it was a very restful and relaxing weekend, which was completely necessary after a very busy week.

In case you were wondering, lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. I've been questioning everything, from what I'm doing with my life to who I want in it. And that takes up a lot of time and valuable headspace. So on this dreary spring Monday, I am grateful for these constants-- terrible weather, good friends, and amazing waffles.