Get Out of Your Goddamn Comfort Zone

Or better yet, pretend it doesn’t even exist. Tuesday morning, I was planning on spending the day indoors even though it was meant to be a record breaking 50 degrees. (Winter is finally almost over! PRAISE!) But then I got a text from my friend Cole asking if I wanted to hang out, as this week is his spring break. I of course wanted to see my friend, but was very nervous to drive to his house, because it’s a ways away and requires driving on the highway. I expressed my anxieties to him, and he found me a route to his house that used back roads, and convinced me that I could do it. 

So I did something crazy. I listened. I got in my car, armed with the most soothing album I could find- Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave, and drove. And it wasn’t bad at all! If anything, it was easier and more familiar than I could've ever expected. On the way there, I passed my favorite street art in the city, one of those "Before I Die" interactive pieces. Which made me think. I don't want there to be anything I regret not doing before I die. I don't want to waste years of my life living in fear, afraid to do or experience things. So that stops now. Or, more accurately, it stopped yesterday.

(Also, when I arrived at his house he was sitting out on his porch playing the guitar. Which was very just so cool. My friends are so cool.) 

What I'm trying to say is, so many good things came out of convincing myself to say yes to this experience. 
  1. Upon arriving at his house, I was so overjoyed that I had done it. Boom! Another thing I can do! Check!
  2. I got to spend time with my good friend.
  3. My confidence soared.
So my advice to you is this. No matter what it is that scares you-- I challenge you to, for a brief moment, suspend reality and let yourself live your life as if you have nothing holding you back. I’ve found that the more I’ve done that, the less I have holding me back. So go out there and cross things off your “I can’t do that” list. You are a boss ass bitch. And I believe in you.