Random Road Trips #2: Ithaca, NY

     Life is really weird sometimes because one day it feels like absolutely nothing is happening, nothing ever will happen, and you’ll never be inspired again. (See also: Monday’s blog post about the Winter Blues.) But then, in an instant, things will pick up again. And there’s so much going on that all you can do (besides feel slightly overwhelmed) is try to tackle as much of it as possible. 

Wednesday, on our impromptu mid-week drive up to Ithaca, NY, my best friend Kelsey and I just tried to catch up with each other. You see, Kelsey and I are very similar in that we are both indoor cats. One week, we’ll see each other three days in a row and make 10000 plans, and the next we'll only send a text or two. We are reclusive, then friendly- much like our wonderful feline friends. This Wednesday outing was actually very relaxing, because we both just wanted to get out of the house and get some waffles, but didn't feel like we had to have a Hobbit-sized adventure. I’m lucky because my best friend likes to go on random road trips, but she doesn’t mind leaving at 11 and getting back by 4. On the way there, we listened to her always on-point playlist and mused about the importance of waffles, which we were desperate for. 

When we arrived in Ithaca, we picked up my Internet-turned-real-life-friend Rachel and headed straight to Waffle Frolic, a waffle diner located in Ithaca Commons. While we were eating, Rachel said, “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” Which I instantly knew was a quote from Parks & Recreation, because I have a brain. (And a Tumblr.) So I quickly replied, “People are idiots, Leslie.” She laughed with delight and on the inside I was doing the same, because the Internet truly is an amazing place. YouTube connected me to this person who I feel like I’ve known my whole life, with whom I now get to eat waffles and discuss boy troubles. She is the Leslie Knope to my moody Ron Swanson. And it’s incredible


At the Autumn Leaves bookstore, (which is a used bookstore in Ithaca Commons that is so, SO important) I was on the hunt for poetry and short stories. Very pretentious, I know. But I’ve recently decided that I only want to purchase books that I feel will really add something to my overall library. I don’t want to impulsively buy young adult novels anymore, because there is a decidedly large chance that I won’t like them/won’t ever want to read them again. I feel I am much better off getting them from the library, and only purchasing them when I decide that they have changed my world. (But hey, that’s just me.) In the end, I found a book of short stories by Raymond Carver, who I have quickly come to love, called Short Cuts. I also found a book of short stories by Ernest Hemingway, called The Snows of Kilimanjaro. Lastly, I got a graphic novel that came highly recommended to me by Kelsey: The Manhattan Projects

We said goodbye to Rachel three different times before we finally got back on the road towards home. All in all, it was a very relaxed day full of great food and heart-to-heart conversations. As I sit here on Galentine's Day, I feel so thankful for the lovely ladies in my life. (If you don't already know, the day before Valentine's Day is called Galentine's Day- a day to celebrate your best girl-friends. This would-be/should-be National Holiday originated from, you guessed it, Parks & Recreation.) Whether I've known them since we were in braces (Kelsey), just met them last year (Rachel), or haven't even technically met them yet (Ashley & Susie), I appreciate and love them all. So if you're single like me this Valentine's Day, I would encourage you to use this grossly commercialized holiday as an excuse to express your love for your friends. Go on a mini road trip. Eat too many waffles smothered in ice cream. Buy books. Watch Gilmore Girls. Treat yo self.

Wishing you all a happy and chocolate filled weekend,


P.S. TNT is having an all-day Titanic marathon on Saturday the 14th. So that's my day sorted. :)