Old and New: Portraits, Parks & Recreation, and Puppies

Today was one of the best Wednesdays I've had in a while. This morning, fresh from the pain of last night's Parks & Recreation series finale, I went antiquing with my very own Ann Perkins (my BFF Kelsey). We went to three antique stores over the course of the morning, and the second one was definitely my favorite. In this old house-turned-antique-store, there were whole walls, whole rooms, dedicated to housing these old portraits. These time-worn images of people who were once really alive crowded the walls. It was a weird sensation, being surrounded by the faces of people who I never have and never will know, but having the freedom to look upon them and peer into their livelihoods all the same. While sifting through these old treasures, I thought about life. (As you do.) 

I thought about how we all have a path and maybe that path will lead us to be forgotten on a shelf somewhere, but who's to say we won't have brought people joy along the way? Old things often find new meaning and purpose in this DIY, thrift obsessed culture of ours. I hope that one day Parks & Recreation becomes a cult phenomenon like Friends or Gilmore Girls. I hope future generations come to school groggy and sleep-deprived because they stayed up too late marathoning it the night before. We are all obsessed with finding a purpose (me especially), but I think once and a while it helps to remember that we will always be repurposed by those who come after us. Our lives will be reimagined by our offspring, and even by people we never knew, and we have to accept that. 

After this thought-provoking but not altogether unpleasant antique store experience, Kelsey and I stopped at Harrison’s Bakery on the way to pick up her boyfriend Sam. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but I can assure you, the interior packs a punch. (I truly did not mean to rhyme just now. My apologies.) As soon as we opened the door, the overpowering smell of sugary baked goods pleasantly assaulted my senses. I was in sensory heaven. Kelsey and I stood back for a while, assessing our options. Making a game plan. With such a wide array of baked goods to choose from, it was necessary to put a lot of thought into this decision. 

I eventually decided on a headlight donut and a half-moon cookie. Kelsey got a glazed donut and a chocolate chip cannoli. After we made our purchases, we sat in her car, listened to Kanye, and devoured them. I don’t think I need to tell you that they were DIVINE, because if they weren’t I wouldn’t be telling you about them. It just goes to show that even the smallest, most unassuming of places can really kick your sweet tooth’s ass. (Quick sidenote: Can a tooth have an ass? Must research this.)

After this divine sugary intervention, we picked up Sam from school and headed to an antique store where his mom happens to work. There, we found a puppy behind the counter, begging to be loved. We didn't do much antiquing there, mostly because we were all so distracted by this fluffy little rascal. I have never been so happy in an antique store in my life. 

Driving home after this final adventure of the day, Sam brought up making a trip to Rochester, and wanting me to come along. And all I could think was that I have finally found my team. It's taken me a while, but I feel like I've finally found the group of people who understand me most, who make me feel like life isn't so bad after all. I don't know what the future holds for me. But, really, who does? I think in the end all any of us can do is try to find our team, and hope we're ready for what's to come.
And I think I have. I think I am.