Mixtape of the Month | 01: February Jams

   I’m not one of those people who needs music to survive. I don’t need it to fill empty silences or escape. I use reading, or even writing for that purpose. But I do need it in the car. After being in a car accident, my therapist recommended listening to my favorite music when I drive as an incentive to get me back on the road. That's why every time I get in the car, I am armed with my favorite playlist or album of the moment. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today. My Mixtape of the Month for February. This is a new series that I’ll be sharing on both my blog and my YouTube channel. (You can find my video here.) So without further ado, here is the playlist!


1) Obvious Child by Paul Simon: This song is perfect for anything from driving to dancing around your kitchen when you’re home alone. 

2) Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel: I love listening to this on my way to work, because the music fills the whole car, and surrounds me with awesomeness. It also makes me feel like I’m in an Indie movie, which is always a plus.

3) Worship You by Vampire Weekend: This song is just so much fun. Simple as that. It makes you want to dance.

4) Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) by The Wombats: This is one of the first songs I ever heard by The Wombats. I can remember listening to it while getting ready for my Junior Prom, and I still love it to this day.

5) Diane Young by Vampire Weekend: Yes, another Vampire Weekend song. Because Ezra Koenig is a god. And this song makes me think of my Senior year of high school, driving around town with my best friend. 

6) Australia by The Shins: The Shins are the musical love of my life. This is, again, the first song I can remember loving by them. In fact, I can remember listening to it on repeat on the bus ride to school in Junior year. It’s a classic.

7) The One Moment by OK GO: This is a newer fave of mine, but no less important. It’s from OK GO’s new album: Hungry Ghosts. It was tough to settle on just one song from this album, because it’s that good. I would highly recommend giving the whole album a listen!

8) Hero by Family Of The Year: You’ve probably heard this song a dozen times by now without even knowing it, as it is the theme of the Oscar nominated film Boyhood. This song makes me cry, makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood, and just makes me feel. It’s also another great song to listen while you’re driving, because it (again) has that Indie-movie vibe. 

These are the songs that I can’t get enough of this month. I hope you found a new artist to love, and enjoyed this little insight into my musical taste. I can’t wait to share my music picks with you again next month!