Last Week #8 | New Developments

 Last week, I was very focused on saying "yes." I don't know whether it's the improv class, or... Oh, yeah, it's definitely the improv class.

 Although I had an abundance of meetings and tasks and last minute finalizations to complete, I really wanted to make sure that the fullness of my schedule didn't effect the quality of my work. I tried to make sure that I was also enjoying moments in my life for me, and not just focusing on getting to and through the next task.

 To that end: I read a lot. I wrote a lot. I drew a lot. I tried to find beauty and notice it, even though tough moments were happening. I tried to remain optimistic, but inevitably, I discovered something new about myself. I now find being alone a little bit difficult. In the moments where I was, unintentionally, alone, I found myself going to bed at 9:30 because I didn't know what else to do. I want to work on that. Because as someone who so prided herself on her ability to work, to be alone, to make the best of every crappy moment, I now seem to have lost the ability to do that. So that's something I am going to be working on this week.

 I hope you enjoy the week ahead, and find the strength to tackle whatever personal or creative challenges are daunting you.