Last Week #7 | Close Calls

Last week was simultaneously stressful and not. Let me break it down for you.

#1: Monday was great. 
 Soleil Cafe had a fantastic opening day (you can read more about that here), and my improv class went well again. I'm learning so much from that class, and not just about acting. It is helping me in my everyday life. In my thought processes, in my relationships, in my communication with others. 

#2: I got pulled over for speeding, but didn’t get a speeding ticket. 
 For someone who struggles with driving, this was horrifying. But I guess it could be considered a wake up call? Honestly, I spend a lot of time driving nowadays, with a 30 minute commute between my home and Peaks, or my home and my boyfriend's house. And I guess I'm constantly feeling like I don't have enough time, or (we) don't have enough time, so I try to make up that lost time in the car. Which is stupid. So that experience was upsetting, and bad, but maybe also good.

#3: Someone hit my car while it was parked in a parking lot. 
 Ugh. This is nothing but bad, really, except for the fact that their insurance will pay for it and it wasn't my fault at all. It's just yet another way in which I'm feeling overwhelmed about driving again recently. 

#4: That same night, I saw Captain America: Civil War. 
 A movie I'd been anticipating since about 2010. You can read more about that here, but just know that it was the pick-me-up experience I needed after all these car-related disasters this week. 

#5: Friday, I finally finished something that's been on my To-Do List for 3 weeks straight now.    Revising the first 50 pages of my in-progress novel for a novel workshop class I'm taking at school. This is the final step, the final assignment for the class before the end of the semester, and it's been by far the hardest one. Making significant changes to a work that has consumed your creative mind for nearly two years is never easy. But Friday I made it to page 52. And though it still needs some fine tuning before I send it in on May 15th, I'm proud of the progress I made this week. 

All of these things are not things you'd know by watching my weekly vlogs. They no longer have a narrative (which I honestly like) and really only show the highs, rather than the lows. But these are the moments in-between the highs. The middles, and the lowest of the lows. So, now that you know it all, you can see the peaks right here: