Last Week #6

 Last week was about enjoying the Peaks. It's easy to fall into a tired old routine and never want to stray from it simply because it's familiar. That's something I struggle with. Constantly. But this week I learned that baking brownie pie for friends and discovering newness in yourself and your relationships is never anything but great. 

 For instance, Monday I had my first ever improv class, which I was so incredibly nervous for but ended up so well. Though I had a fair amount of initial anxiety, by the end of the night I was glad I said yes to that opportunity, and followed through with it. 

 Friday, I said yes to another Peak. Literally. Filming the Kickstarter video for Peaks Coffee Company's new location at the crack of dawn, but getting shots that were so worth it. Witnessing moments throughout that I'll probably never forget. Spending a weekend with the people I love, relaxing, reveling in it all, and working to make their next endeavor a reality. 

 My favorite thing about my friends is that we never let each other say no to an opportunity that will be good for us. Even when it's hard, we always band together and figure out a way to make it happen, and make it happen well. We have each other's backs, and are constantly working to help make each other's dreams come true. They've taught me that life is about enjoying the Peaks and enduring the Valleys, and have not only ensured me but also shown me that they'll be there for both. 

 If you want to donate to a truly incredible company that believes in the power to change lives with a quality cup coffee, click here to watch (and donate!) to their Kickstarter. There a plenty of peaking good days ahead, and I'm looking forward to each and every one of them.