Last Week #5

Last week, I worked. (alt: werked)

I finished books, filmed reviews, edited and uploaded those reviews. I got up early and stayed up late.

I forced myself to work out. I did yoga. I meditated.

I kept myself calm even when my insides were screaming at me to run, to react, to get incredibly angry and frustrated when nothing was even wrong.

I asserted myself, and I didn't give up, even when I was really really freaking tired and just wanted to stay in bed watching Game of Thrones. I went to the writing group, and then I went one step further. I shared my work. On a whim, unprepared, scared out of my mind.

Finally, I surprised myself. More than just getting everything "done," I challenged myself. I said yes. When asked to share my work. When asked to go to a party. When I was faced with the choice to sit down and do nothing or get up and do more, I said yes, and I did more. I made it work.

I'm exhausted from last week. But I'm proud of it. Because I took the chances that needed to be taken, and said no to the ones that didn't.