Last Week #3

 Last week once again started out with a lot of anxiety. There was miscommunication and worry, but I did my best to resolve it as quickly as possible. Throughout the week I had great connections with people on the internet, who really came through for me and my online work.

 On Thursday, the Aries New Moon, I symbolically planted new life in OVERDUE by planting a succulent in the OVERDUE mug I was given by my co-director/producer/editor Monica at the end of filming this summer. It now brightens my day to see something growing out of something we made together.

 Friday I saw months of hard work pay off. We had a screening party for OVERDUE at the Cazenovia Public Library. I'm still not sure how to put into words how it went, or how I feel about it, and I can't really show you it because I idiotically forgot my camera battery at home on the biggest night of my recent life. But mostly, I think I just felt grateful. That I got to host this event at all, and share the work that I and my friends did over the summer with people who seemed genuinely interested in and impressed by it...but also that I got to do it with said friends. I was nervous as heck and I still don't really think I was the best hostess (I spent a lot of time in the back holding a small child and nervously drinking ginger ale) but I got to hold someone's hand while I watched myself awkwardly dance on an enormous projector. I got to do it with people I love.

 As the event went on, I relaxed and became more myself. So I think I'm going to challenge myself to do more of these, and hope that not only the events continue to get better, but I do as well. So here's to doing things that scare us, and doing them multiple times, and with fervor.

 This is what my life looked like this week. As usual, it's the in-between moments that are documented, not the events themselves. But I'm starting to think there's something to that.