Last Week #2

 This week, I was pretty worried. Stressed. Anxious. There were a lot of things that needed to get done in a seemingly minuscule amount of time. I had meetings and projects to finish and a life to live in between all of that. I'm always feeling like there isn't enough time. Time to get things done, and time with the people I love especially. But at the end of this week, looking back on the footage, I realized that those moments, that time, was there. It existed, just on a smaller scale than I'd imagined. Than I'd like.

 My note to myself last week (I have a new one every week, a sort of weekly mantra that I can keep going back to throughout the week) was: "Nothing takes as long as you think. It's all manageable." I know that technically, some things take a long time, and I have to accept that. But sometimes the big things feel really big, and they create this huge road block in my mind that keeps me from thinking about anything else until they're done. So this reminder kept me grounded, calmed me down, and motivated me all at once.

 This week was good. It wasn't as eventful, as action packed and notably, viscerally fantastic as last week, but that's okay. The quiet moments keep you grounded and allow you to refuel for the next big ones. And they're coming my way. So I'm glad I had these last seven days to recharge and prepare for what's to come. I hope you enjoy the footage of these happy, relaxed moments. I enjoyed living them.