My name is Fran (though I'm also known as Frandalfthegrey in certain corners of the Internet) and I am creative storyteller, though my day job is, as Leslie Knope would call it, "a punk-ass book jockey." I am the "paralibrarian for digital programming and communications" at a library, which in the English language means I run their social media. I'm a 23 year old Virgo, feminist, and I change my hair a lot. 

I've had a few blogs over the years, but this time feels like the last. "The Magical Realist" is the best title I could come up with that integrates the two parts of me. Magical: I am spiritual, magical, and creative. Realist: I am over-anxious, I over-think, I'm practical and organized. I have had anxiety for my entire life, and this blog will be a place where I write about that, but also what I'm doing about it. On this blog and in my work, I intend to face my sh*t, to work on my sh*t, and love myself. I intend to write, draw, paint, photograph and film my truth, as a way of putting out into the universe what I've always wanted from it. 

I will talk about how I'm riding out these peaks and valleys, and learning to control the parts of me that make me feel hopeless, while reveling in the parts of anxiety that make me feel more alive than anyone else in the world.

When Iā€™m not at the library, I make a lot of art. Web series (Overdue and Awkward & Weirder & Better), vlogs, books, sometimes poetry, paintings, and a podcast about mental health called CrazyAF. I hope you stay a while. Take care.